TriStar Solutions

Online Training Courses

Short lesson covering some frequently asked questions you should be able to answer as a firearm own. Even if you do not carry your firearms for work or self defense.

Short lesson covering firearms safety rules, best practices, recommendations and the importance of taking a firearms safety course. 

Short lesson covering things to consider when selecting a firearms training course. 

A 40 minute online self paced course designed specifically for people with little to no experience with a handgun. This is the perfect follow on training to our Concealed Weapons Lecture Course. Although not required we have found it more beneficial and helpful to students if they take this course prior to our live range Intro to Handgun Course.

A 90 minute online self paced course designed specifically For individuals in the real estate profession. Covers everything from avoiding the attack to what to do if attacked. As well as how to select the correct firearm for you.