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Combination Courses

Combination Courses


Over the course of two days (16 Hours):
Students will begin with a review of the basic mechanics of the pistol, the seven fundamentals of marksmanship, and how to correctly and safely employ them. We will also review and expand on the four types of weapon malfunctions, how to fix them both quickly and safely, as well as drawing the pistol from a concealable position.
These mechanics will then be put to the test in real life applications which include employment, marksmanship and tactics in the following scenarios: close quarter employment, loss of limb, and rapid movements in and out of cover.
When a firearm leaves its holster the chances of casualties are significantly higher. Casualty Triage, the second component of this course, will teach students how to deal with the most common injuries to casualties in these situations. B-Con or Bleeding Control techniques are the life saving medical interventions we will cover and include the use of a tourniquet, gauze packs, topical hemostats, and proper airway opening methods.
This course uniquely combines both of the above fundamentals throughout the day which are imperative in a life saving self defense scenario. The use of barricades and stress enhancing techniques will give students the sensations of a true high stress environment.

Required Gear:

Ear Pro
Eye Pro
700 Pistol Rounds
Magazines (at least 2)
Holster (EDC)
Magazine Pouch (EDC)
Med Kit (if you have one)
Water & Snacks
Course Fee: $600
Combination Courses