TriStar Solutions


Tri-Star Solutions

Tri-Star Solutions is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), founded by a currently serving U.S Marine, Tariek Leith. We pride ourselves in offering the Tri-Star effect of professional Firearms and Defensive Tactics Training, Military, Law Enforcement & Private Security  Training & Consulting, Personnel and Asset Protection Services. All members of our team have extensive experience and background in their fields and have the proper training and equipment to offer the highest level of professional services.

Our mission is to better prepare citizens, Law Enforcement, Military & Private Security Professionals around the world, with practical defensive training and personal protection solutions for the realities of the uncertain world we now live in.



A currently serving United States Marine, Staff Sergeant Leith brings organization, training, and motivation from a history of field and combat deployments to every aspect of the training and personnel protection industry.  As a highly competent firearms and defensive tactics instructor he has taught courses to Military, Law Enforcement and civilian personnel.  The blend of his military and civilian experiences better prepares students for modern threats.


His experience with executive protection and as a personal protection agent spans across the United States and on foreign soil. He has been sought after to protect members of the fortune 500, military and government personnel as well as their families, balancing the need for professionalism while also making families feel at ease when having added security needs.

Jihad El Hajj


Born with an unwavering sense of duty and a profound commitment to protecting others, Jihad found himself drawn to the path of service from a young age. In the realm of safeguarding lives, preserving order, and imparting invaluable skills, there exists a formidable figure in the world of self-defense and personal security: Jihad EL Hajj. Revered as a Close Protection Officer (CPO) since 2004, Jihad has amassed a remarkable reputation for ensuring the safety of dignitaries, high-profile individuals, and ordinary citizens alike in some of the world’s most perilous regions, including Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond. Beyond his duties as a CPO, Jihad possesses a diverse background, having served as a former Special Forces operative and distinguished Firearms and Self-Defense Instructor in the Lebanese National Army.


As a Close Protection Officer, he has devoted his life to preserving the safety of others in some of the most dangerous corners of the world. Moreover, as a Firearms and Self-Defense Instructor, he has instilled confidence and competence in countless individuals, empowering them to face adversity head-on. As time marches on, Jihad’s legacy will continue to inspire generations of protectors and defenders, leaving an indelible mark on the realms of security and personal safety.